I don’t have time.

There just isn’t enough time in the day.

Sorry, I ran out of time.

Time got away from me.

If you frequently hear or say these and other phrases, this book may be for you.


time3 “Time is a drug. Too much of it kills you.” ~Terry Pratchett

1. Every day we hear about how people are exhausted, scattered, distracted, besieged, stressed, under pressure, anxious, just generally overwhelmed. Even school-aged children are overwhelmed.

2. Yet according to most experts including renowned time researcher and sociologist, John Robinson (known as Father Time) not having enough time is an illusion or self-imposed. Most people have more leisure time than ever before. “Time is a smokescreen. A convenient excuse”~John Robinson. Saying you don’t have time is really saying you don’t want to do something, you just don’t want to say that.sheldon73. Not that many aren’t…

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golden4When I first read tgolden3his title I was transported back to my childhood. I loved all the Little Golden Books. Books you read as a child made it seem like anything was possible and since I already believed that, well, I didn’t even consider them fictional.

Diane Muldrow, an experienced editor of the Little Golden Books classic series offers this shamelessly promotional yet strangely endearing memory feast for anyone of any age.

This has helpful tips, reminders of what’s really important, and just a general nudge toward the simpler things in life from a time when life at least seemed simpler. It’s all pretty much summed up within these pages.golden2

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This isn’t a whiny post (at least I’ll try, no promises) or it can be fixed blog or whatever. Just a few thoughts about why people think Fibromyalgia isn’t a real syndrome, that it’s just lazy, unmotivated people and why I don’t have all the answers.

Let’s begin at the end; I don’t have all the answers because I don’t sleep enough.  Also, I’m not a million years old.  In addition, I’m certainly not a super genius.  Oh, did I mention I don’t sleep enough?

People prefer to think people with disorders such as Fibromyalgia are lazy because they don’t want to accept that you could wake up one morning and have something like that or ChronicFatigue Syndrome or Lyme Disease and so on.  Instead of doing the whole there-but-for-the-grace-of-God-go-I thing, many people just decide that people with these illnesses could do better if they just got…

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vikings2When I was a child, the Vikings fascinated me. Generally they’re portrayed as marauding savages, but I liked the real information, not the stereotypes.
I love history. I always felt a lot of the world’s ongoing issues would be solved if people paid more attention to history. After all, everything that is happening now has happened before, more or less.

I was surprised and pleased to hear that Vikings had been renewed. I loved it, but that certainly never guarantees anything.

This is an epic, fierce, lusty, and fresh TV series filled with fascinating characters, vicious battles, charming scenes of domesticity, and more than a few nudge, nudge, wink, wink moments.

It suffers from playing with history, I imagine to make it more exciting and watchable. So if you want real history, read some books.

vikings3It can be a little rambling (and I would know) and the directing could be…

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ImageThis progressive, uproarious retelling of Charles Dickens’A Christmas Carol is arguably one of the best Christmas movies of all time. Only downside, to show how much Christmas is being exploited they kind of had to exploit Christmas. Awkward.

Bill Murray is hysterical, hilarious perfection as Frank Cross/Scrooge, a ruthless, jaded TV programming exec who has lost the most valuable things on his way to the top: love, family, and joy.

As he struggles to produce a-wacked-out-makes-no-sense-at-all-conmercialized live version of A Christmas Carol, his life imitates art and he’s visited by his decaying mentor and 3 ghosts with issues, a guy who’s gunning for his job and a guy gunning for him.Image

It’s a wild ride until Murray sees the error of his ways and Puts A Little Love in His Heart. Come on, it’s Bill MurrayandChristmaschristmas34

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