vikings2When I was a child, the Vikings fascinated me. Generally they’re portrayed as marauding savages, but I liked the real information, not the stereotypes.
I love history. I always felt a lot of the world’s ongoing issues would be solved if people paid more attention to history. After all, everything that is happening now has happened before, more or less.

I was surprised and pleased to hear that Vikings had been renewed. I loved it, but that certainly never guarantees anything.

This is an epic, fierce, lusty, and fresh TV series filled with fascinating characters, vicious battles, charming scenes of domesticity, and more than a few nudge, nudge, wink, wink moments.

It suffers from playing with history, I imagine to make it more exciting and watchable. So if you want real history, read some books.

vikings3It can be a little rambling (and I would know) and the directing could be…

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